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FrëschKëscht Team 2020

In September 2019, seven classmates from highschool decided to enroll together in an elective course called “mini-enterprise”. The idea was to create and develop a company within the framework of a competition organized by the “Jonk Entrepreneuren” of Luxembourg.

From the beginning of the project, we wanted to win this competition, but above all we wanted to create something that would have a real value. Even if the idea of FrëschKëscht didn’t come to us right away, we quickly got into the idea of a product that would promote our country, Luxembourg.

In a word, FrëschKëscht was born. During a whole year, we worked on the concretization of our product and service and thus entered the world of entrepreneurship, a real revelation to us. We discovered a passion for the business world, but this experience allowed us to evolve and learn about ourselves and human relations.

And guess what? We won our contest! We became the best mini-company of Luxembourg 2020 and our FrëschKëscht was a real success with many customers.

This victory and this rich experience gave us the desire and the motivation to continue this adventure beyond the school framework. In September 2020, we became a real company.

Now, two years later, a few things have changed, first our team has become smaller and our product has changed as well. We decided to sell only our Christmas boxes to companies, associations and other kinds of organizations. Even though we loved our fruits and vegetables, FrëschKëscht has evolved and we want to focus, next to our personal studies, on holiday gifts. However, we remain committed to our value of local products and our boxes always contain only 100% Luxembourgish delicacies !


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